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                2021年8月14日 星期六 , 歡迎進入六安江淮電機有限公司官網
                中文  ENGLISH

                YR, YRKS, YRKK 系列(H710~800) 大型高壓三相異步電動機


                R, YRKS, YRKK Series (H710~800) large-size High Voltage Wound Rotor Motor

                  概述    Summary
                  額定功率:400~5600kW   Rate power:  400~5600kW
                  額定電壓:3kV、6kV、10kV     Rate voltage:    3kV、6kV、10kV
                  機座號:  710~800     Frame size:  710~800
                  極數:    4~12極   Pole:   4~12p


                 YRKS, YRKK系列:IP54、IP55

                  Protection degree: YR series: IP23

                  YRKS, YRKK series: IP54, IP55


                 YRKK系列:IC611 或 IC616 

                  Cooling method:  YR series: IC01
                  YRKS series: IC81W
                  YRKK series: IC611 or IC616

                結構特點  Structural characteristics
                This series motors with box type steel structure, can be observed its interior after removing the cooler or protective cover, and esay to be installed and maintained; Wound rotor is installed with slip ring structure; Insulation class F stator made by VPI process, ensure the reliability of insulation, moisture-proof and shock resistance; Temperature senor for stator and bearing, non-stop oil filling and exit pipe, improve the protection ability and operation efficiency of the motors. When the power is more than 2000kW, according to the requirement of customer, another terminal box can be installed to pick up the neutral point of winding.
                This series motor can be applied to the requirements as follows: 1. The lager starting torque; 2. Power capacity is not enough to start a squirrel cage motor; 3. Long start time or start more frequently; 4. Adjust speed in a small range.